--The Ants of Imhotep--

In the Egyptian desert, Roger, the young son of an Egyptologist discovers a secret leading to the discovery of the tomb of Imhotep, the great God/Engineer of the Old Kingdom. In the tomb, guarded by disciples for thousands of years, Roger's father tries to hold to his belief in rationality despite the clear evidence of ancient magic.

In a deeper sense, the story is about opposing world-views: rational vs. irrational, science vs. magic, intellect vs. emotion. I like to think the story doesn't take sides.

Published in 2004 in the Phobos Books prize anthology 'Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome'

--The Afterlives of Schrödinger's Cat--

An experiment in Relativity Theory leads to a reversible visit to the afterlife.

The Story appeared in issue four of Spectra Magazine, December 2010.