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Why this book might NOT be free

SF++ has Linux in its title, and the Linux operating system doesn't cost anything. I thought then, to keep with the Linux philosophy, I'd make this book also not cost anything. And anyway, most of the stories herein have already paid for themselves--seven of them have appeared in Analog Magazine (the one true SF magazine for Geeks).

But, experimentally, I've found that e-book buyers tend to equate price with worth. So (since I believe SF++ has sufficient worth) I've priced the book on Kindle and Nook at $4.00. To keep with the Linux philosophy though, I'm providing the book for free through this website.

Email for your free copy: Kindle (MOBI) or Nook (EPUB). I'll e-mail the book to you within a few days. In the unlikely event that I'm flooded with requests, it might take a little longer.

If after you read the anthology you find you've enjoyed most of the stories, you might consider (hint, hint) e-hoofing it to Amazon and buying one of my other other anthologies or novels.

About the anthology

I intended an anthology for geeks--smart, independent, computer and science savy geeks with a sense of humor. And, for me, that pointed to Linux. Linux geeks are smart (I mean they use Linux, after all). They're independent enough not to use that other operating system. And finally, there's a tradition of humor and word play in the Linux community. Pine Is Not Elm, if you knew Suse, Gnu is Not Unix, and all that.

And so, SF++ (Note: the anthology is not distro specific--except for one instance where Ubuntu is assumed). ++ does not indicate a new object oriented language like c++. The first + indicates that in addition to stories, there's a science fact article (Challenge of the Anthropic Universe). The second plus indicates an experiment--a story ('Roblocks') that can't be done in dead-treeware. It requires an html capable reader. And indeed this collection is intended for the Kindle Grub (GRand Unified Book Loader).

Most of the 0x10 works in this ninety-three thousand word collection have appeared in pro SF magazines. Many also appear in my earlier anthologies.

Table of Contents
01 The Lycanthropic Principle
02 The Architects' Playground
04 Teddy Bear Toys
05 A Boy and His Bicycle
06 The Fruitcake Genome
07 Synthetic Sentience
08 We are the Cat
09 The Emancipation of the Knowledge Robots
0A The Dyslexicon
0B Transitivity
0C The Skeeket-Woogle Test
0D Roblocks
0E The Challenge of the Anthropic Universe
10 The Exoanthropic Principle
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