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I'm Very Excited to be back doing theoretical physics, in particular, Particles Of Space-Time theory (POST).

Carl Frederick


Science fiction writer, Physicist


While I tend to think that personal websites are an exercise in vanity, every writer I know has one. And now that I have e-books for sale, I suppose I need a site. Therefore...,



The Fiction page lists my published stories. There are also, where available, reproductions of the covers of the magazines in which the stories appeared.

BUY MY E-BOOKS goes to a page showing all my works available on Kindle and Nook.

Darkzoo is an on-line novel (or perhaps, novels). It is multi-viewpoint and multi-tracked. Each of the tracks is a separate story. One can click to switch between tracks. It was something of an experiment. I'd very much appreciate hearing impressions of it from readers.

Many years ago, OMNI magazine wanted a true robot (AI, etc.). I (and my little start-up company) got the contract to build it. When OMNI closed, I got my robot back. It currently 'lives' in my living room. Photos and the story behind the robot can be found on The Omnivor Robot page. (OMNI called the robot Omnivac. We called it Omnivor.)

In one of those, 'it seemed to be a good idea at the time' flashes, I decided to make a computer programme to translate genomes directly to 'music'. I used the fruit fly genome. I took the output from the programme and ran it through a synthesizer (another of my programmes). I was so impressed with the music, that I wrote a science fiction story about it (it was published in Analog). The Fruit Fly Genome Music page has the story, an MP3 of 'The Little March of the Fruit Flies', and a description of the translation process. These items also were featured on the Analog website.

Ever since I first saw the famous 'blivit' (3-pronged tuning fork illusion), I was fascinated with these unrealizable drawings. The Ambiguous Figures page shows some of the figures that I have created.

Years ago, we had a space festival here in Ithaca. We started the Mars Government in Exile, created a flag for Mars, and wrote the Martian National Anthem. It was a very popular song among kids in our city for a while. On request, we even gave the words and music to the astronaut who visited Ithaca for our festival.

I'm a physicist and it seems only natural that I have a page dedicated to physics.

I'm also a writer and it seems equally natural that I have a bio page.

There are also pages with contact information, random photographs, and favorite links.

There's also a blog-like description of progress on my Kral music re-creation system, and finally, another novel.

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