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Reader Alert: This novel might offend some readers as, in the second half of the work, the Israel/Palestine issue comes into play and the novel comes down on the side of the Palestinians.

Kimberly Robins, researcher on the Duplex Intelligence Quotient, the collective IQ of two people working together, discovers a set of exceptionally identical young twins who can effectively think as one, giving them a joint IQ of almost twice their individual scores.
After the suspicious deaths of the twins' foster parents, Kimberly and her physicist husband, Paul, become the twins' caregivers, and are drawn into the shadowy world of Alpha twins, arguably the next evolutionary advance in human intelligence.
Paul, with the help of other Alphas and indeed with the kids themselves, succeeds in his quest to realize a new quantum phenomenon: a microscopic disruption in the flow of time. The only noticeable effect is that high-speed microprocessors in the disruption beam, will cease to function.
Kimberly realizes that the disruptor might change the balance of power in the Middle East. It could stop high-tech weapons from functioning while low tech weapons, such as guns, would be unaffected.
Kimberly, Paul, their twins, and a pair of physicist Alphas become enmeshed in Middle East intrigue and find themselves targets of an American intelligent agent and agents of Israel's intelligence service.

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