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In 1964, a young high-school Latin teacher, Alex Kendrick resigns himself to living a placid existence; his severe asthma keeps him from the world of adventure he's long dreamed of. Seeking vicarious escape, he reads the Help Wanted ads in The New York Times.

Then, on the last day of school, he comes across an ad written in Latin: 'Wanted: young man with a spirit of adventure. Must be single, unattached and must enjoy traveling. Fluent Latin required. Knowledge of Old-English or Old-Norse very helpful. Apply in person. Suite 7438, Empire State Building.'

So begins a journey across interstellar space to save Eridion from a future invasion from the Grex--a warlike people who live, not on a planet, but in a fleet of huge warships.

The Eridians are also a space-faring people. But the very reason that interstellar travel and commerce is possible for them also makes them slow to develop new technologies and makes them vulnerable to attack. The orbit of the Eridian home world is highly elliptical. During a six month period, when their planet is close to their sun, the Eridians live an active, sleep-free existence. For the next two hundred and fifty years, while their planet, distant from their warming star, is frozen and dark, the Eridian hibernate.

At present, the Eridians possess a technology far in advance of anything on Earth, but they hope this will not always be the case. Terrans, as they do not hibernate, advance much faster than do Eridians.

Soon, as the Eridians measure time, they pray that Earth will surpass them technologically. For only with the help of Earth, will they be able to withstand the invasion that will inexorably come from the Grex.

In a hidden proxy war on Earth, forces of Eridion battle those of the Grex. It comes down to Alex, his ten-year-old Anglo-Saxon ward, and a Viking woman to attempt to save Eridion and, ultimately, Earth.

The success of my two tier pricing policy ($4 or Free) for my anthology 'SF++ Science Fiction Stories for Linux Geeeks' has led me to employ it here as well. While I would be delighted were you to buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, you may also get it at no cost by simply requesting a copy.

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