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This anthology brings together fourteen short stories, eleven of which have appeared in well-established print books and magazines. The other three see first publication in this anthology. But unlike the case with the earlier appearances, here I've provided a paragraph or two of introduction to each story.

Each of the stories is about or features animals (in so far as insects are also considered animals).
The stories in this roughly eighty-five thousand word collection range in length from one thousand to ten thousand words.

I'm pleased that these stories, the bulk of which have appeared in professional albeit ephemeral venues will have a second life here.

This anthology is the companion to 'SF with Kids', a collection of stories about children.

The success of my two tier pricing policy ($4 or Free) for my anthology 'SF++ Science Fiction Stories for Linux Geeeks' has led me to employ it here as well. While I would be delighted were you to buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, you may also get it at no cost by simply requesting a copy.

Email for your free copy: Kindle (MOBI) or Nook (EPUB). I'll e-mail the book to you within a few days. In the unlikely event that I'm flooded with requests, it might take a little longer.

Table of Contents (story word length)
The Beast of All Possible Worlds (6k)
Concentration of Dogs (10k)
Puppy Love (1k)
Happy are the Bunyips (5k)
The Speed of Understanding (6.5k)
The Study of Ants (6k)
Fruitcake Genome (4k)
This Little World (6.5k)
Howl of the Seismologist (8k)
I See your Words. I Smell your Screams (5.5k)
Caressing the Tiger (6k)
The Spacemice Incident (4.5k)
Narrow World (10k)
We are the Cat (6k)