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Science Fiction with Kids brings together eleven short stories, eight of which have appeared in well-established print books and magazines. The other three see first publication in this anthology. But unlike the case with the earlier appearances, here I've provided a paragraph or two of introduction to each story.

Each of the stories is about or features children. I notice now that they are all boys. I rather imagine that's because I once was one, and because my own two children are male, and also because during my years as a scoutmaster I had good opportunity to observe this delightful sub-species of humankind.

The stories in this roughly eighty-eight thousand word collection range in length from five hundred words to sixteen thousand five hundred words.

Several of the stories are among my very favorite. Yes, they appeared in Analog Magazine, a very good venue indeed, but after a month or two, they're gone. I'm pleased that this e-pub anthology might give them a good second life. It will certainly give them a longer one.

Table of Contents

Prayer for a Dead Paramecium (4,500 words)
Yearning for the White Avenger (7,000 words)
Teddy Bear Toys (5,500 words)
A Boy and his Bicycle (4,000 words)
Deep Flows the River of Time (14,500 words)
The Ants of Imhotep (9,000 words)
Leonid Skies (6,500 words)
The Architects' Playground (12,500 words)
Evening Paws (500 words)
Boys that Bite, Boys that Bark (16,500 words)
The Door that Does Not Close (6,000 words)

The success of my two tier pricing policy ($4 or Free) for my anthology 'SF++ Science Fiction Stories for Linux Geeeks' has led me to employ it here as well. While I would be delighted were you to buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, you may also get it at no cost by simply requesting a copy.

Email for your free copy: Kindle (MOBI) or Nook (EPUB). I'll e-mail the book to you within a few days. In the unlikely event that I'm flooded with requests, it might take a little longer.