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With this ninety-three thousand word anthology, I've brought together twenty of my stories that were intended to be humorous. They tend to be diminutive short stories, some of them extremely so.
Sixteen of the stories have been previously published, eleven of them in Analog Magazine. I've re-edited all of the stories, be they reprint or not. (I'm amazed at what sympathetic editors had let me get away with.)

The success of my two tier pricing policy ($4 or Free) for my anthology 'SF++ Science Fiction Stories for Linux Geeeks' has led me to employ it here as well. While I would be delighted were you to buy the book from Amazon or Barnes & Nobles, you may also get it at no cost by simply requesting a copy.

Email for your free copy: Kindle (MOBI) or Nook (EPUB) . I'll e-mail the book to you within a few days. In the unlikely event that I'm flooded with requests, it might take a little longer.

Table of Contents
Much Ado about Newton (700 words)
The Emancipation of the Knowledge Robots (1000 words)
The Dyslexicon (1250 words)
Jain Dough (2500 words)
Guns are not Funny (3000 words)
Medium Rare (3000 words)
Extra Cheese for the Laboratory Mouse (3000 words)
The Skeekit-Woogle Test (5000 words)
Hotel Security (5000 words)
What Drives Cars (5000 words)
Happy are the Bunyips (5000 words)
Training Fangs (5500 words)
Weredragons of Mars (6000 words)
Vita Longa (6000 words)
Great Theme Prisons of the World (6500 words)
Housecleaning (6500 words)
General Tso's Chicken (7500 words)
Misunderstanding Twelve (5000 words)
A Higher Level of Misunderstanding (4500 words)
A Sound Basis for Misunderstanding (6000 words)