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Gradually, this page should become populated with freely downloadable (MP3) stories. (Once I've resolved the issues of user feedback, ease of use, etc. I'll move the audiobooks to a separate domain At that time, other authors will be invited to record their short stories.)

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The Spacemice Incident Analog Jul/Aug 2003 Length 23.5 minutes (Download 8.1 meg)      [rough draft recording]
An infestation of mice causes major problems on a space station. (The space station is also the setting for "General Tso's Chicken" and "This Little World".) This was my very first pro-magazine story--a story that the LOCUS reviewer, Rich Horton, called the worst story to appear in Analog in all of 2003.

Much Ado About Newton Analog May 2005 Length 4 minutes (Download 1.4 meg)     [rough draft recording]
A pun-infected, 800 word short about a science teacher who petitions the court to make Newton's Laws of Motion the laws of the land.

The Emancipatation of the Knowledge Robots Analog Apr 2006 Length 6.4 minutes (Download 2.3 meg)     [rough draft recording]
A pun-infected, 1000 word short about the universities of the future and the robot independance movement.

Coming Next! The Study of Ants Analog Sept 2003 Length ?? minutes (Download ?? meg)
A duel in the jungle by means of a game of chess between a computer made of ants and a not-so-nice professor.

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