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'The Spacemice Incident' (Jul/Aug 2003)
'The Study of Ants' (Sept 2003) Click for Broeck Steadman Illustraton
'Misunderstanding Twelve' (April 2004)
'The Fruitcake Genome' (Dec 2004)
'General Tso's Chicken' (March 2005)
'Much Ado About Newton' (May 2005)
'This Little World' (June 2005)
'Prayer for a Dead Paramecium' (Jul/Aug 2005)
'Speed of Understanding' (Sep 2005)
'Hotel Security' (Dec 2005)
'The Skeekit-Woogle Test' (March 2006)
'The Emancipation of the Knowledge Robots' (April 2006)
'The Door That Does Not Close' (June 2006)
'The Teller of Time' (Jul/Aug 2006)
'Man, Descendent' (Nov 2006)
'Double Helix, Downward Gyre' (Jan/Feb 2007)
'A Higher Level of Misunderstanding' (May 2007)
'A Zoo In the Jungle' (June 2007)
'Yearning for the White Avenger' (Nov 2007)
'The Engulfed Cathedral' (Jan/Feb 2008)
'What Drives Cars' (May 2008)
'The Exoanthropic Principle' (Jul/Aug 2008)
'Challenge of the Anthropic Universe' (Fact article Jul/Aug 2008)
'Vita Longa' (Oct 2008)
'Greenwich Nasty Time' (Nov 2008)
'Lifespeed' (Mar 2009)
'The Universe Beneath our Feet' (Dec 2009)
'Teddy Bear Toys' (Oct 2009)
'Narrow World' (March 2010)
'Sound Basis for Misunderstanding' (April 2010)
'The Long Way Around' (Jul/Aug 2010)
'Howl of the Seismologist' (Nov 2010)
'Happy are the Bunyips' (Dec 2010)
'Helix of Friends' (Sept 2011)
'The Lycanthropic Principle' (Oct 2011)
'Food Chained' (June 2012)
'Zeitgeist' (Jul/Aug 2012)
'Mythunderstanding' (Sept 2012)
'Reboots and Saddles' (Nov 2013)
'The Lost Bloodhound Sonata' (Apr 2013)
'Abridge too Far' (Dec 2013)
'Fear of Heights in the Tower of Babble' (Oct 2013)
'Mousunderstanding' (Feb 2014)


'We Are the Cat' (September 2006)
'Leonid Skies' (Oct/Nov 2007)


Jim Baen's Universe:
'Weredragons of Mars' (June 2007)
'Concentration of Dogs' (August 2007)
'Food for Thought' (February 2009)




Writers of the Future:
'The Art of Creation' (Published Finalist story Vol. XVIII 2002)
'A Boy and his Bicycle' (First Place story Vol. XIX 2003)


Space & Time:
'Extra Cheese for the Laboratory Mouse' (issue 94 2001) [my first published story]

ESLI: (Reprints in Russian translation)
'The Study of Ants' [story appeared in Analog]
'Prayer for a Dead Paramecium' [story appeared in Analog]
'We Are the Cat' [story appeared in Asimov's]
'Man, Descendant' [story appeared in Analog]
'A Zoo in the Jungle' [story appeared in Analog]
'The Exoanthropic Principle' [story appeared in Analog]
'Narrow World' [story appeared in Analog]
'Lifespeed' [story appeared in Analog]
'Universe Beneath our Feet' [story appeared in Analog]
'What Drives Cars' [story appeared in Analog]
'Howl of the Seismologist' [story appeared in Analog]
'The Lycanthropic Principle' [story appeared in Analog]
'Food Chained' (forthcoming) [story appeared in Analog]


'The Messiah' (2002 prize anthology)
'Great Theme Prisons of the World' (2002 prize anthology)
'The Beast of All Possible Worlds' (2003 prize anthology)

Phobos/Galaxy: (Anthology: Absolutely Brilliant in Chrome)
'The Ants of Imhotep' (March 2004)
'Deep Flows the River of Time' (March 2004)

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine:
'Building Character' (Issue 2 2002)
'Medium Rare' (Issue 6 2003)

Flash Fiction Online:
'The Dyslexicon' (April 2008)

Spectra Magazine
'Afterlives of Schroedinger's Cat' (Issue 4, 2011)

Topzine.cz: (Reprint in Czech translation)
'Prayer for a Dead Paramecium' (Jan 2011) [appeared in Analog]

Into the New Millenium: (Analog Magazine Kindle e-anthology)
'The Universe Beneath your Feet' [appeared in Analog]

Carbide Tipped Pens (Tor Anthology)
'Ambiguous Nature' (forthcoming)

Nautilus Magazine
'Stochastic Spacetime' (science fact article) (forthcoming)