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Chapter 13 Tuesday 2015 hours (8:15 PM)

Brian continued staring at the door after Joshua left. What was Joshua trying to tell him? That he was spending too much time with Lori and neglecting his duties? No. That couldn't be it. Since the take-over he'd spent virtually no time with her. Her duty schedule hadn't allowed them to do more than exchange a few words now and then. Brian felt a twinge of guilt. If he had really tried, he could have found the time.

Brian sat back and thought about the 'New' Brian. Could he imagine the New Brian without Lori? No. He couldn't. Brian decided to go and seek her out now, and tell her.

Brian went to Jack's office to consult the duty roster chart. He ran his finger down the columns until he found her. She had just come off patrol, so she'd probably be back in the woman's dorm. Brian hurried over there and knocked softly on the door. Since patrols went on round the clock, there'd be people asleep inside.

A sleepy Calfer answered the knock and told him that Lori had decided to spend the night in a small, private office down the hall. Brian padded down the hall to the office, and knocked, more loudly this time, since Lori wouldn't likely be asleep yet.

"Just a moment. I'm coming," came a voice from inside.

The accent was heavy Australian. Brian recognized it as Roger's. Brian flushed and ran quickly around the corner of the hallway. He didn't want to be there when the door opened.

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