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Chapter 8 Tuesday, 1000 hours (10 AM)

The morning wore on and nothing bad happened. Now the hostages were no longer fighting their fears, but instead were fighting boredom. Derek was particularly bored. As he had absolutely no interest in ball scores nor celebrity gossip, his attempts at conversation had fizzled . He concluded that he didn't particularly like his fellow hostages. He even preferred his captors. The Calfers at least, were eager to talk philosophy.

Derek smiled, thinking that he'd not endeared himself to his fellow captives; an hour ago, he'd announced that he had some sympathy with the Calfers. No. It had not been a good idea to say I supported their constitutionally protected right to arm bears. Someday I'll learn when not to make jokes.

Derek ambled aimlessly around the room. He would have liked to look out the window, but someone else had claimed that spot. He continued walking, avoiding eye contact, but trying to size up his companions. No. He didn't like them, and had nothing in common with them.

God, I hope I'm not turning into a snob. He surveyed his fellow hostages. But better a snob than a slob.

Derek's wandering turned into pacing. Each time his circuit took him by the outer door, he tried the knob. He knew he was behaving like a caged animal, and his mind was flitting from one subject to another. He had to get a grip on himself.

He was not afraid for himself nor Jeffrey either; The Calfers seemed essentially innocents, incapable of inflicting harm. But Derek did not like the situation. He didn't like others controlling his comings and goings, his food, his actions, and even his associations. It was like being a kid. Derek wondered how kids could stand it. 'Family' probably made it endurable. But Jeffrey doesn't have a family, not a real family. Suddenly Derek felt ashamed. He'd been more like Jeffrey's captor than his parent.

Derek looked at his watch and wondered how long it was to lunch. Not that he was hungry, but maybe the Calfers would bring news. And maybe he could talk to Jeffrey over sandwiches and try to start making amends.

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