Go to Cover Brian misses out on the anti-aircraft missile, but meets Wolf.Derek feels the effects of captivity.Rom tries to retrieve the Lycanthrozine, but finds that two humans know all, and that knowledge could be fatal to the Ithaca Wolf Pack.Kit and the pack try the Lycanthrozine. It works.Jack and Joshua shoot down a drone aircraft.Joshua shoots a police drone aircraft out of the sky, and takes it as a portent of Armageddon.Astronomy: The brightest star in Canis Venatici (the hunting dogs) is Cor Caroli (The heart of charles). You could also call it Alpha Canum Venaticorum.An angry tigerGo to chapter 7 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 9 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 8

Now I was starting to feel wild - like a wild animal in a cage. I was bored, and locked in the room all by myself.

One thing happened though. There was an explosion in the sky. There was a big bang, and when I got to the window, I saw something like a fireworks display. Derek told me later that Mr. Cave had fired a missile at a radio controlled airplane that the police were using to look inside the zoo. It had a TV camera in it. I make model airplanes and it would've been fun to see that one.

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