Go to Cover Brian is in the zoo for the dress rehearsal of Operation Zoo.Derek's story starts at chapter 3.Rom is discovered hacking a computer, and is appointed Cubmaster of Pack 666.Kit argues a lost cause with his dad.At the rehearsal, Jack and Joshua handle unexpected problems.Joshua oversees the Operation Zoo rehearsal, and deals with Mickey.Saying: Crows are never the whiter for washing themselves.The Lakeside Cafe, the SkySafari, a men's room, and the SkySafari again.Go to chapter 1 in the Picture BookGo to chapter 3 in the Picture Book

Chapter 2

This is the main zoo cafeteria where Mr. Cave and the other Calfers ran the rehearsal for Operation Zoo. Mr. Joshua Cave is the old guy who's idea it was to take over the zoo. I hate him. I'll hate him forever.

You can see the green SkySafari ride. That's where a Calfer got seasick.

A Calfer named Mickey told Mr. Cave that he wanted to quit. This bathroom is where Mr. Cave beat up Mickey and made him promise not to tell.

Here is the SkySafari again, near where it comes down.

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