Go to Cover Brian learns that Joshua will sacrifice another hostage - this time to a cobra, a non-venomous cobra.Derek returns to Jungle World and finds that Rom and the Cub Scouts are gone.Rpm is thrown in with the hostages, while the FBI agents drink from the canteen, but only Elliot changes.Joshua schedules Armageddon, and decides to kill again using a crocodile.Astronomy: The constellations of Lupus (the wolf) and Lepus (the rabbit) have no bright stars.The Reptile House, and a reptileGo to chapter 21 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 23 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 22

Mr. Cave liked to hurt people. Now he was going to hurt them using alligators instead of polar bears.

The Cub Scouts were captured in Jungle World. Calfers put them in the snow leopard enclosure with me and I was glad to see them. We ran around and played games. We had to. It was the only way to keep warm. I had clothes on but all they had were sweatshirts. Yeah, the shirts came all the way down to their knees, but they were very thin, and they wouldn't wear the bunny-slippers so they had to run around bare-footed.

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