Go to Cover Brian and Evan decide to spy on Joshua and Jack.Derek and Rom burgle the Gift Shop, and Jeffrey tells Derek about a hostage being fed to the polar bears.Rom is captured, and the FBI agents go into Jungle World to look for Kit's canteen.The Cub Scouts are put in the leopard enclosure with Jeffrey, while Rom who has also been re-captured is put back with the other hostages.Joshua 'comes out of the closet'.Fact: The official state animal of Kansas is the Buffalo.The Lakeside CafeGo to chapter 20 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 22 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 21

Derek and Rom went to the cafeteria gift store to get food and stuff for me and Rom's scouts. They were going to pay the zoo back when things were normal again.

Derek visited me, and Rom went to JungleWorld where his scouts were.

I told Derek about Mr. Cave making someone go into the bear den. It was like in pirate movies when someone walks the plank, except instead of sharks, there were polar bears, and they were real polar bears. I don't think Derek believed me then.

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