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Chapter 26

I couldn't really think of any pictures for this page of the album. Nothing important was happening. There were no more TV broadcasts from CALF's station. Cat's Cubmaster was captured and put in with the hostages, and Brian got into a fight with Mr. Cave.

We were still in the leopard cage waiting for Jack to bring us food and batteries.

The sun had gone down and the zoo would have been closed by now. Well, I mean if the zoo had been open, then now it would be closed. You know, I used to think that after the zoo closed, a lot of animals that people never see come out and run around and play. Then just before the zoo opens and people come, they go and hide.

Here are some animals I bet you've never seen. I've never seen them either. Brian sent me the pictures.


I heard a lot of wriggling in the grass outside our cage. Probably just squirrels, but maybe it's the animals that no one ever sees.

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