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Chapter 27

Jack came back with food and stuff, and he also had the keys to our leopard cage. He came in to talk to us. He said that right now, it would be safer if we stayed in the cage. That was okay. As long as we weren't locked in, it felt more like a playground than a cage. Then Jack told us that Mr. Cave wanted to give up but before he did, he wanted to tell Cat why he did all those bad things. Then Cat could tell everyone else. Mr. Cave said it would be good for a kid to tell everybody, because everybody likes kids. I never noticed that.

Jack wanted to take Cat back to talk to Mr. Cave. I told Cat not to go because Mr. Cave was scary. Cat said he wasn't scared and liked the idea of telling everybody stuff. He was the head kid in his Cub Pack and was used to telling everybody stuff.

Jack left with Cat and just as they left our playground, Derek jumped out of the bushes and tried to stab Jack with his spear. He missed. I've never seen Derek so mad. I shouted for dad to stop because Jack was my friend. Derek looked at me like I was crazy but then he made friends with Jack too. Then Derek noticed that I'd called him dad instead of Derek. He liked that and said I should call him dad now. 

Jack took Cat to Mr. Cave, and my dad came in to keep us company until Jack got back.

You know, when your dad's with you in a playground, you don't play the same way.

The SkySafari ride was Cat's favorite thing in the whole zoo.

As Jack drove away with Cat, I climbed the rocks at the back of the leopard's playground and watched as they drove by Somba Village. This is Somba Village. It's closed now. How do you close a village?

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