Go to Cover The zoo is captured, and Brian makes his TV debut.The kids are separated from the adults, and Derek sizes up his fellow hostages.Rom is sent from the zoo with a list of CALF demands while the FBI agents take to their car for safety, and leopards roam freely in the zoo.Kit, the pack, and Jeffrey are locked in a dormitory room. They are bored, but Jeffrey has a TV.Jack decides to release the large cats, and he beats a drunken Calfer.Joshua realizes he must take control of CALF, and his grand plan begins to form.Astronomy: The brightest star in Canis Minor (the lesser dog) is Procyon (before the dog).Zoo Center, and yet again, a zoo cart, and a pocket TVGo to chapter 5 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 7 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 6

They locked us kids up in our own room and they didn't let Derek come with me. We could see this building from the window. There weren't many kids - just me, Cat, and his Cub Scout pack.

The building is the Zoo Center. This is where Mr. Cave had his office.

We saw a lot of these carts from the window. Calfers carrying big guns used them to patrol the zoo.

We got pretty bored locked up in our room, but I had my little pocket TV. This made me very popular with the other kids. Here in the picture, the TV is off because the batteries are dead. In this little TV, the batteries spend a lot of time being dead.

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