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Chapter 7

I guess we got bored. Cat and his pack started picking on me, and I got into a fight with Cat. I used his nickname, the one his parents used to call him. Derek told me the nickname and said Cat threatened to kill anyone who used it on him.

I think the fight made us friends. Except for Tungy, he's my best friend now. Cat lives two hundred miles away, but we talk a lot on the phone. It's long distance, but my dad's being awfully nice about it.

Anyway, we got bored again and started to argue. Cat said I wasn't as wild as he and the pack were. I said I was, and he said I wasn't. We started daring each other, and we undressed down to our underwear. Cat started it. He jumped up on the window sill and said he and his pack were going to climb down the vines and escape. I said there were wild animals out there because the Calfers had let the lions and tigers and leopards loose. Cat said he didn't care. He and the pack were going to hang out with the wolves where it was safe. I thought he was out of his mind.

This is a wolf. He's beautiful, but he doesn't look all that friendly, does he?

Cat and his pack left their uniforms and everything on the floor, and went out the window. I stayed behind. I should have gone with them.

I watched them run down the path until I couldn't see them anymore. Then I was all alone by myself.

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