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JEFFREY'S PHOTO ALBUM (NOTE: The photographs are also 'clickable')


Hi. My name's Jeffrey.

A little while ago, I spent a really horrible week at the zoo. My dad, Derek, was with me. He used to want me to call him Derek. Now I call him dad. That sounds better and it doesn't confuse my friends.

After all the zoo stuff, my dad bought me a camera and took me back there. I took Tungy with me. He wasn't at the zoo when the bad things happened, but he's my best friend. Dad said I could shoot as many rolls of film as I wanted. He said it would help me work through the trauma from the zoo experience. I don't really know what that means, but I got a pretty neat camera out of it.

Now I'm making an album of the photographs. I phoned up Cat, the kid I met at the zoo. His name's really Kit but everybody calls him Cat. He's a Cub Scout. I'm one too, now. He lives in Ithaca New York. He sent me some pictures of Ithaca and Cornell University where his Cubmaster, Rom, goes to school. Rom and the rest of the cub pack were there with us too. You can tell which photographs are Cat's. The moon is in every one of them. I asked him why the moon is in every Cornell picture. He said, they weren't pictures of Cornell. They were pictures of the moon. Astronomy's his hobby. He likes the moon. Cat's wierd sometimes. 

So here are the pictures. Dad says I should write the story of what happened and put it along with the pictures. That's why there are words with the photographs.

Here is a picture of a lion. It's easier to take pictures of stone lions than real ones because statues don't move when you're trying to take their picture, and real lions always seem to be asleep with their backs to you when you want them to growl and look ferocious.

I didn't take this photograph. Brian sent it to me. He's studying at New York University to learn how to make movies. He was with us too. He used to be president of CALF. That's the Captive Animal Liberation Front, whatever that means.

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