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It was after my bedtime so I had to be very quiet. Especially since at night, my parents seem to be able to hear things happening even on Mars. I could have waited until they were out on the hunt, but I didn't think I could stay awake that long. Anyway, I think my dad knows about it, but doesn't say anything. He was probably a kid too, once.

The curtains were open and the lights were off. I see pretty well in the dark, of course. Besides, the moon was full and my room was alive with its light. It was perfect. I crept out of bed and stood in front of a mirror. I must have tried for ten minutes, but I couldn't change, not even a little bit. I was really sad when I crawled back into bed.

If my parents had come in then, and told me for the zillionth time that I was still too young, I think I would have cried. And if my big sister had said that, I would have bitten her.

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