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Chapter 4 Sunday

Joshua had arranged for the meeting with his lawyer to be as late as possible. For after that meeting, it would be hard to turn back. The meeting was at Joshua's house at 9 in the morning. Joshua didn't regard that as an imposition as the lawyer was on retainer, a large retainer, and Joshua didn't think he did very much for it.

The lawyer was prompt, and Joshua explained that the house was to be closed up as he was going to be away for a while.

"Where are you going, sir, if I may ask?"

"I'm going on an expedition."

"How interesting. Where are you going, if I may ask?"

"No," said Joshua, "You may not ask."

"I see. It's my duty to suggest that you make out your will."

Joshua concurred. A will was a detail, and Joshua prided himself on his attention to detail. The problem was, he couldn't think of anyone to leave his money to. He considered it. If he were to die during Operation Zoo, his name would be linked to a small and insignificant anti-zoo movement. Joshua frowned. That would be intolerable. Then he smiled as he was struck with a whimsical thought.

"There will be one beneficiary," said Joshua, "The sole beneficiary is to be the Bronx Zoo."

"Are you serious?"

"Completely. Bring the will here for me to sign at say, 9AM tomorrow. I suppose you'd better bring a witness too."

"As you wish."

Joshua and the lawyer conferred on how to deal with the assets while Joshua was away on expedition, and then left the house. Joshua left also, as he had to get to the zero-hour rehearsal. A cab was waiting to take him to the zoo.

The rehearsal was something of an anticlimax. Few Calfers were invited, and fewer still were there. Brian and Jack were there of course, but they were already well schooled on zero-hour, and boredom was beginning to overtake anticipation.

From time to time, Brian seemed to be trying to tell him something, but pulled back at the last instance. Joshua thought it probably had something to do with Lori, Brian's girlfriend, who was also there at the rehearsal.

For some reason, Joshua felt hostile toward Lori. He didn't know why. It was almost a feeling of jealousy. Brian was his lieutenant. Of course, Jack was also, but Brian was malleable. The boy had possibilities. He might even be able to share the vision – his vision of greatness.

Joshua didn't want to see the rehearsal degenerate to the trivial, so he took his leave and went back home.

Back in his mansion, Joshua realized that all the preparations were complete. He had nothing left to do, except make the daily entry in his diary. Joshua felt he should celebrate his new life. He went down into the wine cellar, his father's wine cellar really, and selected a very rare vintage. Upstairs, he held the bottle to the light and admired the color, the color of blood. He would have the wine over dinner. Joshua laughed, the sound reverberating hollow in the empty house. In the old days, when his father was alive, that would have been easy. They had servants then, and a cook. Now he'd have to brown-bag it. But it seemed vulgar to go to a fine restaurant and bring your own wine. In any case, considering his young colleagues, fine dining would as of tomorrow, be a thing of the past.

Joshua made his decision. He would dine at home tonight. And for dinner, he would have a truly fine wine, and Chinese carry-out.

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