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Chapter 9 Tuesday, 1200 hours (Noon)

"There is only a chance, a slim chance to save the situation," said Chaba. "You have to rescue the kids, and pray that they've not told anyone where they're from."

"But they have already," said Rom. "There's another kid with them. That kid and his father both know."

"Then there's no chance," said Chaba.

Chaba continued driving toward Alan's apartment in Manhattan. He seemed deep in thought, and Rom didn't dare to interrupt.

"The only thing to do," said Chaba after a while, "is get the kids out, and then they, and you too, will have to be sent off to another pack, outside the country I'm afraid. And that's if we're lucky."

"And if we're not lucky?"

Chaba didn't answer. It didn't matter. Rom knew the answer. The pack would do what it had to in order to preserve the prime precept. There must be no evidence of a living werewolf. Rom knew what that meant. the Cub Scouts and he himself would be killed if necessary for the precept.

"Don't tell Alan any of this, please," said Chaba. "Until we know exactly the situation, I want to keep this secret. No need to frighten anyone yet."

"Except me," thought Rom.

"I wonder," said Chaba. "what those men were doing in the zoo."

"I don't know. Why?"

"If they were there for no good, they might not be on good terms with society at large."

Chaba seemed to be talking to himself, and Rom didn't interrupt.

"If no one but the boy and his father knew the scouts were from Ithaca, and if the boy and his father could be spirited out of the zoo without those men talking to them, then there just might be a chance."

Chaba pulled into a parking spot across from Alan's apartment. "But if those men are in any way connected to the government, then it's hopeless."

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