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Chapter 9

I think this is a leopard. It's sort of scary. Well maybe it's not scary now, but at night when you know that there might be some real leopards looking at it too, then it's scary. I think I told you that when CALF captured the zoo, they let the tigers and leopards out, so we wouldn't try to escape.


In back of the leopard is a building. It looks like a nice building, but it isn't. Derek wanted me to go and take a close-up shot but I didn't want to. That building is where they locked us up, and where Jack and Mr. Cave came in. Jack asked me where the other kids were, but I wouldn't tell them. Mr. Cave pushed me over the bed and held me down so hard that I almost couldn't breathe. Jack took off his belt and spanked me hard and I was only wearing my underwear. I screamed and asked him to stop, but he kept hitting me. When he finally stopped and let me up, I saw Mr. Cave smiling. He stinks. I told them the kids were hiding out in the Zoo Cafeteria. It wasn't true but I had to tell them something or they would have started hitting me again.

Cat told me he was spanked once, and he'll never forget it as long as he lives. I asked him why he was spanked, but he said he forgot. I don't believe him. I think he remembers, but doesn't want to talk about it.

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