Go to Cover Brian comes across Derek, Jeffrey, and the cub scouts, and learns that Joshua has Kit.Derek watches a soccer game while waiting for Jack to return.Rom escapes and finds Elliot already a werewolf, and Sam dead.Kit chats with Joshua and demonstrates tying some scout knots, and also a hangman's noose.Jack delivers Kit to Joshua.Joshua cuts the phone line, and entertains Kit.Fact: The world's largest lizard is the 9 foot long Komodo dragon. It can kill a hundred pound boar and eat it in one sitting.A hangman's nooseGo to chapter 27 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 29 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 28

  I was right. Mr. Cave was still bad. Before Jack brought Cat to him, he cut the phone line. It was the only working phone in the zoo. It went right to the police department.

Jack brought Cat in to Mr. Cave and Mr. Cave told Jack to leave them alone. There was lots of food and cookies and soda, and then Mr. Cave asked Cat to tie scout knots. Cat showed him a lot of knots and then Mr. Cave asked Cat if he could tie a hangman's noose. Cat said, of course he could, and tied one. Mr. Cave asked Cat if he'd like a ride on the SkySafari now, and Cat said that would be great.

Mr. Cave and Cat went out to go to the SkySafari. Mr. Cave took the hangman's noose with him.

About the same time, Rom, Cat's Cubmaster, escaped.

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