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Chapter 29

Scary stuff happened here, and I couldn't find a scary enough photograph, so there aren't any pictures on this page.

Mr. Cave picked up his briefcase and the noose, and he took Cat out to a zoo cart. They drove toward the SkySafari. Mr. Cave said Cat could ride the SkySafari forever. But while they were driving, all the lights in the zoo went off. It turned out that the police had turned off the power. Cat was sad that he couldn't go on the SkySafari, but Mr. Cave said there was an emergency generator and Cat could have his rides after all, so they kept on driving.

Jack didn't trust Mr. Cave, so he followed them, but he tripped and sprained his ankle and by the time he could walk again, he couldn't find them.

Mr. Cave stopped the cart near the polar bear den, and took handcuffs out of his briefcase and held Cats hands behind his back while he handcuffed them. Mr. Cave was a liar. He wasn't going to give up. I don't know why, but he was going to hurt Cat. I guess he just liked to hurt people.

Anyway, Cat started screaming and Mr. Cave took tape out of his briefcase and tried to tape Cat's mouth shut. Cat bit him hard on the hand, and while Mr. Cave was stopping the blood Cat kicked open the cart's door and ran away. Mr. Cave ran after him.

Cat didn't know where he was running and had to stop when he found he was on the top of a cliff overlooking the polar bears. Cat couldn't get away but just as Mr. Cave was going to grab him, my dad came up and pointed his spear at Mr. Cave. Dad had heard Cat's screams and followed them. Cat can scream really loud.

I'm glad I wasn't there, because Mr. Cave took out a gun and aimed it at my dad and I would have been scared that my dad would have been killed. But that didn't happen because Jack also heard Cat screaming. Just as Mr. Cave was about to shoot my dad, Jack shot him. But Mr. Cave was wearing a bullet proof vest and the bullet just made him lose his balance and he fell into the polar bear pool.

Cat said he watched it all. Mr. Cave climbed out of the bear pool and the bears chased him. Then the bears got him. Cat said Mr. Cave's screams were horrible. The bears started eating him even before he stopped screaming.

I'm not sorry Mr. Cave is dead, but I don't like thinking about all this.

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