Go to Cover Brian presides over CALF once more.Derek observes as Joshua's influence wanes.Rom finds that all is well, and Joshua Cave is dead.Kit is back with his friends.Jack, Brian, and Derek gain control of the zoo.Joshua's story has come to an end.Astronomy: The claws of Scorpius (the scorpion) are actually in Libra (the scales). The names of the two claw stars are, Zubenelgenubi (the southern claw) and Zubenelchemali (the northern claw).A cheetah, and a SkySafari gondolaGo to chapter 29 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 31 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 30

Jack got the handcuffs off Cat and then they got a big zoo cart and drove me and Cat and the scouts back to the Zoo Center Building. We were really tired and went right to sleep. Before I fell asleep, Cat said he thought I was wild after all. That made me feel good.

We thought we'd better stay in the zoo until morning because these guys were still prowling around.

I wonder what Mr. Cage was going to do to Cat on the SkySafari. I think my dad knows, but he won't tell me.

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