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Chapter 31

My dad woke me up in the middle of the night. We were in danger because the Army was going to attack the zoo before dawn. There was no working phone so we couldn't tell anyone that the zoo was friendly again. So Jack went out all by himself to tell everyone. There were no working zoo carts either so he walked, and he didn't take a gun. That was brave. Anyway, he made it. The lights came on, and the police stopped jamming the walkie-talkies. Jack's voice came over the walkie-talkies and told us that everything was OK. I went back to sleep.


This is the entrance to the World of Darkness, where Mr. Cave locked Brian's friend in with the vampire bats. I should have put this picture on that page, but I forgot.

It seemed like I'd been there my entire life, but now we were able to leave this dark zoo.

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