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Chapter 10 Tuesday, 1330 hours (1:30 PM)

There are a lot of different jungles in Jungle World. Some of them have nasty animals like alligators in them and others are pretty friendly. It all looks real. There's sand and swamps and trees to climb and lots of animal sounds, and it even rains. We explored everywhere and then we found the classroom. What a great classroom. Next to the eating-area in the back, there was a refrigerator filled with cans of soda, and next to the fridge, we found a cupboard stuffed full with boxes of snack cakes.

"Wow," said Wolfred. "We could stay here forever."

Over the next few minutes, we went through a lot of soda and snack cakes.

"School was never like this," said Paul. (Sorry, Miss Winthrop)

We told jokes and laughed about school, and then we went up to choose a jungle.

"I wonder how they feed the animals here," said Paul.

"I don't know," I said, "but I think it's automatic. Food drops from chutes or something."

Then we found a jungle with a waterfall and a pond. I jumped over the barrier and did a belly-flop into the pool.

"Last one in the water's a Denubian Slime Worm," I shouted. The water really tasted good too, and the mud was real mud. Our underpants used to be white.

We swam and messed around for hours. We climbed the tree, not a real tree, of course. It had a limb hanging over the pond so we could climb up and jump in. The tree belonged to the tree kangaroos, but they went to the back of the jungle and left us alone. Then it started to get dark. Yeah. It gets dark automatically. We were all wiped, so we went to sleep on the sand.

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