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Chapter 11 Tuesday, 1900 hours (7 PM)

Actually, I didn't go to sleep. I wanted to, but couldn't because I was excited and wanted to be a wolf again. I waited until everyone else seemed to be asleep and then I sneaked out of the jungle and down to the classroom where I'd left my canteen. I took the canteen and went further down to the basement. I unlocked the door so I could get back in again, and then took a swallow from my canteen. I took off my underpants, crept outside and became a wolf again.

I had fun running around the zoo in the dark. It's another world at night. The whole place was alive with lots of creatures that spend the day sleeping. The sky was filled with stars, and I could see them better as a wolf than as a kid. Astronomy's my hobby and you'd think as a sharp-eyed wolf, I'd have sat back on my tail and just studied the sky. For some reason though I had absolutely no interest in astronomy anymore. I was more interested in food. I guess since I couldn't smell the stars, they weren't interesting. I padded back to the Education Building, hoping someone would feed me more hamburgers.

They did feed me, but there was a lot of other stuff going on too. They were going to do another TV broadcast, and Mr. Cave said I'd look good in the scene. The Calfers paid a lot of attention to me; they patted me, said how much I looked like a wolf, and they let me go everywhere and sniff stuff. Then they sat me down right next to Mr. Cave. I didn't like the smell of him. Jack was there too. I think he likes me. I think he's as wild as I am.

While he was on TV, Mr. Cave got a call from the police. Mr. Cave told him that unless people did as he asked, he would have to hurt a hostage. 

So that's what was going on. All the adults on the zoo-train were hostages. I guess Jeffrey was one, too.

After the show, one of the Calfers scratched me under the neck and said now I was a TV star. Then he asked me if I could also star in the morning show. Of course he didn't know that I could understand him. But I decided I would come back for the morning TV show. It was fun. I planned to come back a lot--at least until they ran out of hamburgers.

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