Go to Cover Brian hears about the escape and Jeffrey's beating.Derek and Jeffrey plan their escape.Rom breaks back into the zoo, and the FBI agents discover the scouts' hiding place.The Cub Scouts take over Jungle World.Jack is chewed out by Brian over Jeffrey's beating, and watches as Joshua gently takes over negotiations.Joshua is indirectly chewed out about beating Jeffrey, and he gets control of the TV broadcasts.Fact: The ancient Egyptians believed their god Thoth, the god of writing, learned to write hieroglyphics from baboons.A tiger, and Jungle WorldGo to chapter 9 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 11 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 10

I was real scared of what Jack and Mr. Cave would do to me when they found out I'd lied to them about where Cat and the scouts had gone. Derek said it was OK, because we were going to escape that night. Derek didn't believe that Cat would go and hide out with a pack of wild wolves, and he didn't think Jack would believe it either. It feels funny now calling my dad, Derek.


Escaping is scary too, but I was more afraid of Mr. Cave than of any tiger that might be running around looking for food. 


It turned out that the cub scouts weren't with the wolves after all. They were here, inside at Jungle World.

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