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Chapter 11 Tuesday, 1900 hours (7 PM)

Rom pulled the boat up onto the bank, and knew he'd have to come up with another plan. There'd be no way to use the boat to ferry kids out. It was a one-man boat--if that. He could hardly maneuver the boat into the zoo, and it would be next to impossible to guide it back out, especially carrying a kid, even if one would fit.

Rom looked at the boat. Paul would fit. He's small enough. He walked around the boat, looking for ideas. Maybe the kids could stay in the water, hanging on to the pull rope. No. I need a better plan.

While Rom dragged his rubber boat ashore, off in another part of the zoo, Sam and Elliot had a change of mind.

"You know," said Sam, "They're kids, werewolf kids, but kids. I think they're going to need to sleep, and I need some sleep too. Let's start this stake-out in the morning, at dawn."

"Yeah, it's OK with me," said Elliot. "Let's get back to the car. We can have some dinner delivered through the fence, and turn in. I'm bushed."

"Yeah. Me too."

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