Go to Cover Brian hears that hostages might be hurt while Evan is tormented by bats.Derek tries to convince the hostages that they must escape.Rom breaks back into the zoo, and the FBI agents discover the scouts' hiding place.Kit, on four legs, becomes a TV star.Jack sees Evan being tormented and sees similarities between himself and Joshua.Joshua talks about 'hurting a hostage', and he administers his lesson to Brian.Astronomy: The big dipper is in the constellation Ursa Major (the greater bear).A batGo to chapter 10 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 12 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 11

We were going to escape later that night. My dad tried to get the other hostages to come with us, but they wouldn't. I'd hoped they'd come since I thought if we all escaped together, the tigers running around might not try to eat us, and if one did try, he'd probably eat some other hostage. I'm not very big, and there's not much meat on me.

They'd have come with us if they knew Mr. Cave as well as I do.

Mr. Cave can be very nasty. He locked Brian's friend in with vampire bats all night and he turned out all the lights. I never believed vampire bats were real, but they are.

This is a bat. It's not a vampire bat and I think he's upside down. Bats hang upside down most of the time.

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