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Chapter 15 Wednesday, 0330 hours (3:30 AM)

Derek was dreaming about the Three Little Pigs when he was awakened by the noise. He sat up in his sleeping bag and heard it again, automatic weapons fire. "Is this it?" he thought, "the retaking of the zoo by the police?" He sat, listening for more sounds, but it was quiet. Probably just some kid trying out his AK-47. Derek lay back down, but he did not close his eyes.

An hour later, he heard more gunfire. This time the fire was sustained and augmented by sounds of tracer bullets and even grenades. This has got to be it. Derek un-zipped the sleeping bag and crawled out. He looked over and saw that Rom was still sleeping like a log. This guy could probably sleep through... Through what? Through a rock concert. Maybe they're right that rock music destroys your hearing. But why do I think that just because he's young, he listens to rock music? Derek. Stop it. Focus. Get a hold of yourself.

Derek crept to the tent entrance and looked out. He saw the fireworks-like light from the presumed confrontation, and wondered what to do. He didn't like the idea of going out into the dark zoo. Even without the wolves, there were leopards and tigers out there. He decided to just keep watch. When he saw police vehicles moving down the path, he'd run out and intercept one. No. I'll walk out and intercept one. Otherwise I'll probably get shot. Derek concentrated on the light show. Then he noticed that most of the firepower seemed to be directed out of the zoo. Apparently CALF had more than just assault rifles in their arsenal.

Derek kept his watch, but no police vehicles came. The noise subsided and the zoo became dark again.

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