Go to Cover Brian has a disturbing dreamDerek sees signs of the re-capture of the zoo, and on TV, sees Joshua threaten to hurt a hostage.Rom sleeps through the zoo disturbances, and the FBI agents see a wolf enter Jungle World.Kit rolls on a nyala carcass, and has a strange meeting with Jack.Jack can't sleep, thinks about his life, and plays with Wolf.Joshua uses his art collection.Saying: Shun the companionship of the tiger. (Tigridis evita sodalitatem) - Latin proverbAn empty zoo parking lot, and a wolfGo to chapter 14 in the Picture Book.Go to chapter 16 in the Picture Book.

Chapter 15

This is one of the zoo parking lots. Dad and I got there early so we could take a picture of it when it was empty.

I almost cried because I was so lonely. The zoo was empty and I was all by myself, locked up where the leopards should be.


There was a friendly wolf in the zoo. I thought he was a wolf. So did the Cub Scouts, but everyone else said he was just a stray dog. Everybody called him Wolf. You can be named Wolf without actually being a wolf.

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