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Chapter 15 Wednesday, 0330 hours (3:30 AM)

I'd planned to set my watch alarm to wake me up in time for the morning TV show, but I set it wrong. When it started beeping, it was only four in the morning. I was about to go back to sleep when I thought, "You know. It would be fun being a wolf really, really late at night."

I used the Lycanthrozine and went out. Before changing, I looked at the stars again. I didn't look at them for long since I was getting cold. And I wasn't wearing anything and I was nervous that someone might see me standing there. I knew that was silly. It was pitch black but I couldn't help feeling embarrassed. So I changed to wolf, and you know what? I was hungry again. I thought I'd go and see if I could get more hamburgers, but I didn't have to. There were a lot of dead, mangled deer lying around the zoo. I wondered how they got out of their cages. From the smell, I could tell they'd been munched on by leopards and tigers. I added my smell too. The deer smelled great. After I ate some, I rolled around on the carcass to get more of the smell.

Afterward, I felt kind of hyper, like when I eat too much candy. I was really happy and just ran around the zoo for fun. Then I heard someone whistling. It was coming from where I usually went to get my hamburgers. It was that guy Jack, the one that always hangs around with Mr. Cave. He was whistling for me. Even though I wasn't hungry anymore, I ran over and he let me in.

"Good dog. Good dog," he said.

I jumped up and licked him all over his face. I guess it was because I was hyper. He didn't seem to notice that I smelled of dead deer. I don't think humans usually like that smell. He actually hugged me. And then we went to the refrigerator for snacks. Then he sat down and just looked at me. I went over and put my paw in his hand. He got a funny look and started squeezing my paw. His hand was very strong. It started to hurt. I yelped, but he just squeezed harder. Then I growled, but he kept squeezing. I was scared because it really hurt and I could feel that the Lycanthrozine was beginning to wear off. So I bit him in the arm. It was weird. He smiled and patted me on the head.

"Good dog," he said.

That Jack is really strange. I got out of there fast. 

When I got back to Jungle World, everyone was still asleep. That was fine. I was exhausted, and went back to sleep.

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