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Whether Kate and I will get back together is an open question, but we both agree I should be more involved with Jeffrey's life. He's spending about half his time with me now, and I find I like being a parent.

The zoo ordeal has left some scars on the kid but I don't think they're very deep. I bought him a camera and we went back to the zoo to take some pictures. I hope Jeff can work through things by putting together a photo album. It occurs to me that the camera is the first non-toy I've ever bought Jeffery. It's a good camera and it reminds me of my own childhood. I was an ardent amateur photographer and this hobby is something we can share. As we put our heads together over the album I feel a bond with him that I can't even express. During that shared experience in the zoo, that shared adversity, we became father and son..

Jeffrey's doing well in school and he's now a member of Tungy's scout troop. He keeps in touch with Cat by phone, and now that they are brother scouts, their friendship is even stronger.

I'm glad that the experience hasn't diminished his love of animals, nor mine either. He doesn't know it yet, but he's getting a dog for his birthday.

I love that kid.

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