Go to Cover Months later, Brian returns to the zoo.Derek becomes a real parent, and Jeffrey puts together a photo album about Operation Zoo.The Nocturnal Order welcomes a new member to the Gray Fellowship.Kit is happy to be home and to be a normal kid again.Jack serves a prison term and returns to the university.Some of Joshua's money goes for 'The Adam Steiner Polar Bear Pavilion'.Astronomy: The brightest star in Aries (the ram) is Hamal (the sheep).A nyala statue, and Derek's spearGo to chapter 32 in the Picture Book.Go to the End Page


So this is my photo album. Rom said he might let me put it on his web site. Dad says Rom's a computer geek. I might like to be a computer geek when I grow up.

Dad says this statue looks like a nyala which is why he bought it. He saw a lot of nyalas in the zoo.

This is the the spear dad made at the zoo. He won't let me touch it because it's sacred. Dad wanted me to take a picture of him holding it. I laughed and said I didn't want to waste the film. Then he tickled me, and we wrestled on the rug and then he took me out for a milkshake. We do a lot of things together now. I love my dad.

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