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Rom felt great being back home in Ithaca among familiar surroundings and among his own kind. He felt happier still since a party was in full swing in the frat house. The festivities, welcoming Elliot into the gray fellowship of the Nocturnal Order of Werewolves, followed another ceremony--The Howl of Adoption.

Now Rom took Elliot, the duly adopted werewolf, around and introduced him to the other brothers.

"This is wonderful," said Elliot. "It's the family I never really had."

"Yeah," said Rom. Then he noticed Chaba walking over, and the Alpha Wolf was not smiling. "But I'm afraid the next half hour might be rather less than wonderful."

Chaba came up and clapped Elliot on the shoulder. "It's time for your Elso Lecke," he said, "and I'm afraid it's my obligation to administer it."

Elliot gave Rom a nervous look and followed Chaba down to the basement.

Rom walked to the punchbowl for a refill. Drinking his fruit punch, he thought about Elso Lecke, the aversion treatment that prevents werewolves from desiring human flesh. He drained the glass and wandered over to the buffet table. He smiled as he thought back to the outdoor feast tables at the zoo.

The party got even more boisterous, and Rom could hardly hear the screams of pain from the basement.

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